All of our Premium E-Liquids are made in a certified ISO Class 7 Pharmaceutical Clean Room/LAB.

On July 21, 2014, after over 26 years of smoking (analogs), thanks to a very good friend, I started down the trail of vape and never looked back. This is me. Jonah Primrose AKA Dx. Jones Owner/CEO/Developer of JONESN-VAPE E-Liquid Brand some years ago. This was about 2.5 months after I first quit smoking. With great passion I was quick to get into RBAs/RDA and the higher end tech mods. When it came to my e liquid consumptions, I learned quickly that all recipes are not made equal and that it can get expensive for the premium vapes.  By July 2015, my same friend started to encourage me to research and develop my own recipes. A short while later I started spending sometime on YouTube and was quick to order a DIY starter kit. “This will be easy!” I said and got to work!  NOT AS EASY AS I THOUGHT. Over the next few months I made and wasted well over 5000 mls of juice! My goal was to make something passable to my current ADV (All Day Vape) at the time. Back to the drawing board. All E- Liquid is not created equally. Many vape flavors including the premium brands still have Diacetyl/Dimethyl diketone (butane-2, 3-dione), Acetoin (3-hydroxybutanone) and Acetyl propionyl (diketone).   Often referred to as DAAP. For many E- liquid developers this is not a problem. However, for myself and many others these are very much substances that I do not want in my juice. I found that developing a premium recipe without the diketones was even harder because many of the popular concentrates are not Dx Free. Over 100 hours and 76 versions later I finally had my original Ooey Boy ADV and to my surprise it was even better than what I was currently vaping. During this process I learned many lessons including patience and humility. Since then I have spent hundreds of hours on researching and developing my Dx Free Line of Premium E-Liquid at a reasonable Price. Although I cannot guarantee that JonesN Vape E-Liquid is 100% DAAP free as our legal system is not quite there yet. I can say that there is no DAAP detected in our products.
-​Dx Jones